CBS.log file huge? Can I delete the files?

Problem:  In the c:\windows\Logs\CBS folder, you see that there is a huge cbs.log file and/or other files that are huge in size (some over 2Gb).  Can these be deleted?

Resolution:  In short, yes, IF you are sure that there is nothing wrong with the system in question.  Typically, if your system is a production system, it is best to move the files and then test to see if everything still functions normally.  If you are in a virtual environment, snapping the server before you do anything should be a rule of thumb.


  1. Navigate to your services and stop the “Windows Module Installer” service
  2. Move/Delete anything that starts with cbs***.log or cbs***.cab files from the folder.
  3. Restart the “Windows Module Installer” service (you should see it regenerate a new cbs.log file)

The cbs.log file should not go over 50 Mbs, but sometimes it errors out and things like these happen.  Perform the above steps.  It hasn’t failed me yet!

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